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Orders of Non-Disclosure

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Criminal background checks can quickly and easily uncover any criminal history that a person may have. Additionally, these services are required more and more today for such purposes as renting homes, obtaining employment and even applying for a college education. However, there are ways that people can hide some of the information on their criminal records.

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What is Non-Disclosure?

People who have been granted deferred adjudication probation may be eligible for what is known as an order of non-disclosure. Deferred adjudication probation means that a defendant was not technically convicted of his crime because the judge could not specifically find him guilty. However, there was enough evidence for a finding of guilt.

Individuals who have completed deferred adjudication probation can request an order of non-disclosure from the court. Non-disclosure will prevent certain businesses and individuals from learning about a person’s entire criminal history. Orders of non-disclosure do not erase criminal records as do expungements; they simply seal the records.

Offenses That Can be Sealed

There are many offenses that can be sealed. While some of them can be locked away almost immediately, others may require a waiting period of two or five years before filing a petition for non-disclosure. Some of the offenses that can be sealed immediately are as follows:

Some of the offenses that may require a two or five year waiting period are listed below:

Benefits of Non-Disclosure

When the courts grant non-disclosure, criminal justice agencies can no longer offer information to most businesses or agencies pertaining to a person’s criminal history. However, there are some entities that can still have access to criminal records. These include various medical employers, law enforcement agencies and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).

Non-disclosure does offer people the opportunity, though, to deny that they were ever arrested when applying for such things as loans, most jobs and rental homes. Their criminal history will not show up in any of these background checks. This can be extremely beneficial, especially when searching for employment in today’s difficult economy. An order of non-disclosure attorney can guide petitioners through the process.

Get Help From an Orders of Non-Disclosure Attorney

When people complete deferred adjudication after being charged with a crime, they may be able to seal their criminal records. Shahin Zamir is a tough criminal defense lawyer who will work hard to seal his clients’ criminal records, offering them a brighter and more secure future.

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